Sunday, April 26, 2009

How We Got a C-Dory

OK, bear with, a bit of an epistle here...we got our C-Dory because Patty ill-advisedly insisted on going crabbing in Birch Bay one last time in 2001.

It all started in the fall of 2001, when we had a little 13' Featherlite, used for crabbing in Birch Bay, WA. Last day of the season, Patty wants to go out. I protest - "Too rough out there! Not worth it!" She says "Oh, please, its the last chance." I cannot say no, never have been able to. At the launch, we notice another little boat - swamped, with a bunch of guys working at getting her out of the water. I back down the primative ramp at Birch Bay, and as soon as the boat is in the water, the wave hits, and WE are swamped. Gas cans, life jackets, buckets, crab pots, the flotation stuff from under the seats - all floating all over the beach now. One of the guys in the other boat says "I thought you knew something I didn't, but now I see you don't!" They graciously helped us retrieve OUR swamped boat, which we half destroyed in the process (David from Anna Leigh restored it, but that is another story).

So in January 2002 we go to the Tacoma Boat Show to get another little boat - but end up buying a 16' Smokercraft with a 50 hp Yamaha. We loved that boat, we called 2002 our "summer of fun" - little did we know. I always looked out longingly at Patos Island, which is 15 miles across the Strait of Georgia from Birch Bay (LOOKS closer!). Every week I would say "Let's buzz over to Patos." Patty would say "Too rough" or "Too far" or "The boat's too small" or some other reason why we couldn't go. Last day of the crabbing season (again), out of the blue Patty says "OK, let's go over to Patos." So we head out.The_lovely_Crabby_Lou_II.jpg

Uneventful crossing of the Strait (thank goodness!), into Active Cove. We beach her, and Austin plays on the sandstone rocks, says "This is my happy place." We were absolutely taken with the place too. I always was trying to get Patty to go out and stay overnight, not sure how we would accomplish that on the Smokercraft, maybe take a tent and sleeping bags. Anyway, as we were leaving Active Cove, we noticed THIS BOAT on a mooring buoy. We circled it a few times, pulled alongside, had a good look-see (apparently nobody on board). Patty says "I could stay out overnight on THAT boat." The name on the side said "C-Dory." At THAT SECOND I knew there was no point in looking at or thinking about any other boat. Just didn't think we were going to get one any time soon, since we had this brand new Smokercraft.Daydream_on_the_Buoy_Active_Cove_Patos_Island_6_7_03.jpg

So we went to the 2003 Seattle Boat Show with our friends David and Kate McKibben. No idea we are getting one, I at least did not go in with the idea of buying a new C-Dory. Patty crawls all over Laurna Jo, sits at the dinette, sits at the helm, pokes and prods around every corner. She comes out and says "Well, lets just go over and see what the deal is..." The hook was set, and trust me, it was not hard to reel us in - and David and Kate made that sale a "two-fer" for C-Dory. Two pretty much identical cabernet trim 22s coming out of the factory. The secret is, it doesn't matter if the financing is 3 years (Smokercraft) or 15 (C-Dory) - the big question is "How much is the monthly payment?"

Two years of fabulous fun and new friends with our C-Dory 22! So, fast forward to January 2005, Seattle Boat Show. I had no idea we needed a C-Dory 25. Again we go with David and Kate. Its deja vu all over again! Patty crawls all over the C-Dory 25 on display, sits at the dinette, sits at the helm, pokes and prods around every corner. She comes out and once again utters the immortal words "Well, lets just go over and see what the deal is..." This time it was a three-fer. David and Kate and jim and Laurie and Pat and Patty, all happy 22 owners, bought 2005 C-Dory 25s. I will be 80 when the boat is paid for, but who cares!

All because Patty wanted to go crabbing one last time in 2001...

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