Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Lake Powell, Day 5. Bullfrog Bay to Smith Fork Cayon

Monday, September 20, 2010

Up bright and early at Bullfrog Bay. Toni cooked up some of the bass she and Russ had caught before we arrived and Patty cooked scrambled eggs with homegrown herbs. Fished a bit, didn't catch anything. Over to Halls Crossing for ice, water and ice cream. Roger and PJ from C-Hawk and Joel and Sue from Sea3PO pulled up and we said hello. Then off to Smith Fork Canyon!

Toni and Russ had explored Smith Fork Canyon a bit after we left Lake Powell last year, and thought we would enjoy seeing it - they were right! We followed them through the twists and turns of the canyon.

We got to a nice pool near the end of the navigable portion of the canyon. Russ dropped the hook and we rafted. After a quick dip to cool off, the kayaks came off the roofs and we paddled to the end of the water. There was quite a bit of stuff floating on the surface of the water, and it looked solid to Baxter, so he took a flying leap. One surprised puppy! He swam back toward the kayak and I was able to grab him - unfortunately we did not get any pix!

The trail starts out open and wide, and narrows the farther back you get.

The canyon becomes a "slot" with a sandy trail. The farther in you go, the more impressive the slot becomes.

Tex and Sharon on Bixby's Cub were beached opposite us as we paddled back to the boats. When we got back to the boats, we were all pretty well spent. A quick dip, some more fishing with no catching, crackers and cheese and smoked sturgeon with our drinks, and early to bed! As Patty says, it is a lot of work to have fun!


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  1. Willie and I sure wish we were with you guys. Tell Toni and Russ Hello