Saturday, September 18, 2010

Lake Powell, Day 3. Jerome, ID to Richfield, UT

Saturday, September 18, 2010

We are in Richfield, Utah, at Camp Walmart, with only a short jaunt down to Bullfrog Marina tomorrow.

You may have noticed there have been no photos...Walmart parking lots are singularly uninteresting! Although the price is right...

It was easy traveling out of Idaho and into Utah. A quick stop at the Brigham City rest stop, where a couple from Virginia came over to admire Daydream. They have been looking at C-Dorys for several years. We suggested they come to the SBS/CBGT in January if they are serious. We shall see!

We spent a bit more time in Payson, Utah, than we had planned to - UDOT evidently does not place a high value on rest stops! After the one at Brigham City, there just aren't any rest stops on I-84! So we stopped at the Payson Walmart for lunch, and then decided we needed some more dry ice and a liquor store, both accomplished.

Got into Richfield a little later than expected but still plenty early, about 5 p.m. I got my 7 day Utah fishing license here, we had drinks and dinner, and plan to read a bit before turning in. Then tomorrow on to Bullfrog Marina and the real adventure begins!


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