Sunday, October 3, 2010

Lake Powell, Day 14. Iceberg Canyon to Bullfrog Bay

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

This is our last day on Lake Powell, since we decided to pull out early tomorrow (Thursday) morning and be traveling Thursday, Friday and Saturday. That way, we can have next Sunday to unload, clean the boat and generally sort of decompress. It has indeed gone all too fast, but has been exactly what we wanted - sunshine, swimming, kayaking, hiking and just generally having a relaxing time, with no set itinerary or schedule. Recreation, pure and simple. We have enjoyed Russ and Toni's company immensely.

The fishing was not nearly as good as last year but I caught my three good sized fish at Oak Canyon, so I am glad we brought fishing rods this year.

Being out of cell phone and internet range most of the time has been kind of a mixed blessing!

Up early to write the journal and edit photos. Breakfast of Mexican hash, and then underway for Halls Crossing Marina to top off water and buy ice, which we will need for the trip home.

Traveler and Daydream rafted up in Bullfrog Bay after coming across from Halls Crossing. We had lunch and a swim, our usual routine! Casey joined us on Katmai, and all three boats rafted up for our last night on the lake. Patty and Toni took one last dinghy ride to fish, and Patty got her fish! A little smallmouth bass, but big enough for Russ to fillet - so she was not skunked after all!

We finished the evening with a bass dinner, and lots of conversation over Casey’s port and a bit of Evan Williams! Very pleasant evening, great ending to a great vacation!


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