Sunday, October 3, 2010

Lake Powell, Day 15. Bullfrog Bay to Price, UT

Thursday, September 30, 2010

It is early morning at Bullfrog Bay with Daydream still rafted to Traveler and Katmai, which is one of the original Cape Cruisers - this is a very nice boat! Last photos on the lake!

Last coffee on the cockpit – coffee in the morning and sundowners in the evening in the cockpit are our two favorite times of the day! A little Brendan’s Irish Cream in the coffee is a nice touch too.

We left for the ramp about 8:30 a.m. – retrieval did not go well, not one of my finer moments Patty tells me. We tried to power the boat on, just could not get it on the trailer straight to save our souls. We ended up using the electric winch manually, which I simply do not have the strength for when the boat has to come up a long distance. We need to get a geared strap winch if we are not going to be powering on for retrieval. Also need to move the guides in so they actually guide the boat onto the trailer. Also considering changing from rollers to bunks. Or maybe we just need a new trailer! We did not get away from Bullfrog Marina until about 11 a.m.

We stopped for lunch at Stan’s Burger Bar in Hanksville with Russ and Toni. Stan's is fun, an old time burger joint, with lots of corn, like the sign that says "Lost husband and dog. Reward for dog" and "Losing a wife can be difficult. In my case it was impossible." The “fresh lime” drink, really a Green River, was especially refreshing and did a fine job of washing down my bacon double cheeseburger!

We had come down through Richfield and then through Loa, Bicknell and Capitol Reef National Park, which is very scenic, but we decided to take the Price route home. Not only is it shorter, it also has better roads with fewer reduced speed limit areas. We are pretty much settled on this route from here on in.

Our original goal was to get to Ogden from Bullfrog, but between Hanksville and Price, the driver of a passing car was pointing back to our trailer, so I pulled over. The right rear tire was flat – the plastic fender had come loose and had been rubbing on it, the tire wore a hole in the fender before self-destructing. I did not even feel it driving. Plastic fenders – another reason we might need a new trailer. So we pulled over, repaired the tire and used cable ties to hold the fender up, proceeded on to Price, found the Les Schwab store and bought a new spare - $167.

I discovered in Price that my BlackBerry had died for no apparent reason. Patty’s had revived after a couple of days, likewise for no apparent reason, so at least we had one working phone. But these BlackBerrys just have to go.

Between the late start and the time spent dealing with the flat tire, we decided just to stay in Price for the night, so we parked Daydream and Traveler on the far edge of the Camp Walmart in Price – this Camp Walmart deal is really great!

Russ and Toni treated us to a Mexican dinner at Los 2 Amigos, and then back to the boats for the night.


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