Sunday, October 3, 2010

Lake Powell, Day 16. Price, UT, to Ontario, OR

Friday, October 1

Our original plan was to spend the first night in Ogden, and make Ontario, OR, the following day. Since we had only got to Price the first day, we thought we would only make it to Caldwell, ID, and probably stay the last night in Yakima and get home Sunday morning.

Outside Tremonton, UT, we heard a loud pop, so I pulled over, and darn if we did not have another flat tire! So put the spare we had just purchased in Price on and we went into Tremonton looking for a tire store. Patty was able to find a Big O tire store using Google on her risen-from-the-dead BlackBerry. The new spare at Big O was only $116 – quite a bit less than Les Schwab had charged us. We may become former Les Schwab customers!

We had lunch at the first rest stop across the Idaho border, and only stayed half an hour to make up some time.

After the excitement of the flat tire, I just drove and Patty knitted – she has been knitting the whole trip. Our future granddaughter Harper Eleanor Hamilton, due in November, will have more hand-knitted sweaters, hats, slipper socks and whatever than any other child every born!

It was only 5 p.m. as we were passing through Boise, and it was only another hour and a half to Ontario, so we decided to push on. We arrived at the Ontario Camp Walmart at only 6:30 p.m. We calculated that we covered 502 miles today, our greatest distance ever, and it was a little tedious but not really too difficult.

Baxter has been a great traveler, both on the boat and in his crate in the Titan. This evening though, to our surprise, he decided to jump off the boat in the Walmart parking lot and go exploring a bit on his own. We looked around and noticed he was gone, and set out to look for him. Our Camp Walmart neighbor, a guy in a VW Vanagon camper, brought him back quickly. But now it looks like he needs his leash whenever he is out on the cockpit.

Drinks and one of my favorites, Mabo Tofu, for dinner and off to bed.


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