Sunday, October 3, 2010

Lake Powell, Day 9. The Rincon to Oak Canyon

Friday, September 24, 2010

We had a nice communal breakfast at The Rincon, brats, hashbrowns and fried eggs. Fished a bit after breakfast. After 1,000 futile casts, I finally caught a fish! Not on a cast, though. Patty was just playing around with her hook in the water a few feet deep behind the motorwell, and saw a fish following it. So I put my line in the water and dinked round dragging it back and forth, and wham, a small mouth bass hit it! So, no longer skunked!

"Rincon" means an abandoned meander in a river that forms a wide valley. This is really only evident here looking at aerial photos. Unfortunately, we did not have a plane!

Russ and Toni, Jody and his dog Ellie, and Patty, Baxter and I went on our daily hike about 9:40 a.m., which was supposed to be two kilometers to see some remnants of a uranium mining operation. The trail at The Rincon is really a jeep road, and the view is not really terribly interesting. We walked more than two kilometers without seeing much of anything except a dusty jeep road.

We decided to walk back via the creek bed, which was much more interesting. If Slick Rock is about the verdure, then The Rincon is about rocks - the creek bed walls were mud with embedded rocks and quite a few of those looked none too stable. There was also an interesting "mushroom rock" and some rocks that looked like they had been sliced with an electric knife.

Baxter always seems to assume some regal pose each year for the annual Lake Powell portrait of "Baxter Barrett Anderson, Dog of the Desert"!

We were once again pretty worn out and hot after the hike, so went swimming before a late lunch. We decided to head out about 2 p.m. for Oak Canyon for the big C-Brat gathering on Saturday.

We arrived at Oak Canyon about 5:30 p.m., and lots of C-Dorys were already here nosed up to the beach. We beached and secured our lines, complete with frisbees to keep the mice off, while Russ and Toni anchored out due to their deeper draft in the Ranger Tug.

We had a very pleasant evening sitting in our folding chairs on the beach in a big circle catching up with a lot of C-Dory friends. No internet here, since although we are very close to Navajo Mountain, we don't have the necessary line of sight. Back to the boat for dinner, read a bit and turned in for the night.


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